What were your wins, breakthroughs and successes in 2011?  What were your failures, breakdowns and disappointments? Taking time to pause and reflect allows one to digest a very full meal before moving on to the next feast. 

Using this meal/food/feast as a metaphor (a tool we often use in coaching)…Did you try something new last year? Was there too much on your plate or was your meal just right?  What tasted the best?  Was the food bland or did it tantalize your tastebud?  Did you eat alone?  If you ate with people, did you like the company?  How was the conversation?  Did it energize and excite you or did it deplete you?  Did you feel satiated?  Did you feel sick afterward?  Did you feel totally energized and ready to take on the world?  How was the lighting?  What was the atmosphere like?  Was it a healthy meal?  Was the meal balanced?  Do you need a digestive aid?  Are you still full?

As we move into 2012 what do you want the feast to look like this year?  Would you change the location?  The setting? The food offered?  The company?  Were there things on your plate that you no longer want ?  Come out and play and tell us all about your ideal feast!  Happy New Year!

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