I suspect it is an inherent earthly desire to leave a profound legacy when we depart this life.  Some of us go about it unconsciously, some of us are not aligned with it at all.  Others are unstoppable, resurrecting large indestructible monuments or working tirelessly for a cause or a passion.  They simply will not rest. Deep down no one wants to be forgotten.

And yet when we graze the cemeteries, see photos with no names at antique stores, resurrect non classical books from ages ago or attempt to gather our own genealogy, we recognize that most of us, in the end will be forgotten.

Which feels tragic to me.

The depth of knowledge from our history has the ability to propel us forward.  Without that knowledge, without awareness we recycle failures and lose the time and attention needed to expand and grow.  Aligning with and designing our legacy is just as important as having a conscious understanding of the legacy that was left for us.

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