I woke up this morn @about  5:45a.m.  I had heard a scuffle downstairs a few minutes prior to getting out of bed, knowing that I would descend upon the morning kill our cat brings in (through the cat door!).  Of course, there is a huge dead bird in our dining room…feathers everywhere!  As usual, I walk over this rather large lifeless bird to do my  morning work/emails/writing (this is called not wanting to deal  so early in the morn).  After about a half hour of writing, my cat  comes inside howling, looking for breakfast and purring proudly while he sits on my lap.  So I turn around to feed him and the bird is  not there.  I think, oh, the cat must have grabbed him.  But no, the  bird is at the door just like a family pet, waiting to be let out.  I open the door and he flies rather eloquently to freedom.  How could this be?  In Jacob Marley’s opening line, this bird was as “dead as a doornail.”

What Does a Dead  Bird Have to Tell Us?

In coaching, we engage in something we call, “third level listening.”  This is where the life coach the and the client use everything that gets played out in the session and either work with it (or take mental notes of it).  Whether one calls it God, Source, Spirit, Energy, Universe, metaphor, if one listens deeply there are clues and messages all around us.   Everything from the phone getting disconnected, a bad reception, a trapped squirrel in the window during a session, a butterfly landing on your knee or a child screaming outside the office door, the world offers you endless opportunities to connect your outer world to your inner world.  This can also happen throughout your day and the more one listens, the more themes appear to emerge.

Life Coaching Questions to Help Us Connect More Deeply With Ourselves

Just as I intend to listen to the message that was proffered this morning in such dream like imagery, I ask you to pay attention to what is happening around you today.  Ask yourself some coaching questions.  In my “dead bird” scenario, some questions I might ask are, “Do I feel like a part of me is dead or asleep?  Do I feel disconnected?  Am I feeling lost?  Invisible?  Where do I feel trapped in my life?  What in my life is calling forth to be resurrected?  Do I take everything at face value?  What will it take for me to taste freedom?  The metaphors and questions are endless.  The answers are right in front of all of us if we practice the true art of listening.

As I sign off, another battle ensues in the background.  This time a chipmunk.  Such rich information to contemplate.


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