“At some point in our human evolution we began to believe that we were separate from nature, and through this “lie of separation” we began to question and analyze the natural cycles of our dying and rebirth. Fortunately, we still hear ‘call’ and invitation, but to respond fully many of us have to turn into an intense fear of change and face the shadow of unworthiness. David Whyte once said, “We are the only species that can refuse our own flowering,” and in navigating our way to intent we often hear in ourselves: Why me? I can’t say yes, I need more time, I’m not perfect enough. If I say yes, how will it come about, what will I have to give up? Who I’m to be or do this? It is a mystery why the lie of separation became a part of our human evolution, but easy to feel how it has fed our refusal and added greatly to the suffering in our world.”


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