If you are a co-adventurer, one who thrives on being spontaneous and has the gift of going with the flow, you might cringe at the word ROUTINE.   If you are in this category you might squirm in your seat when faced with the dreaded word and what that might mean.  Free associated words can range from boredom, suffocation, killer of fun and creativity, old, stale, without life to dreaded catholic school memories, rigidity etc. etc. etc.  A trend I see within my practice is that these super joyful and absolutely fun people also share some other characteristics that simply get in their way of living a life of balance, peace and living life to their full potential. These lovers of life also have a tendency to be disorganized, exhibit great difficulty in carving out much needed quiet time, put too much on their plate and don’t do such a great job in the realm of self care.  It is not uncommon that by the time I see these delightful individuals in my private practice they are  in burn out mode.  A common occurance with people who avoid ROUTINE like the plague.  For one who’s itinerary was to follow the sun while backpacking solo in Eurpose, I never thought I would  say this but……….. I BELIEVE  if you want to stop riding your bike in circles and reach your full potential in this life time ROUTINE is essential.  Gulp!  However, I propose we scrap the word routine and replace it with the word, RITUAL.  RITUAL  feels better.  More sacred.  More peaceful.  Say it out loud………………RITUAL. For me, I notice my body relaxes.  The negative assoications disappears. I actually feel more open and curious.  RITUAL allows one to start a sentence that actually has a period at the end of it.  RITUAL allows you to get back in to your body.  It allows you to utilize our most amazing instrument in the world, our body.  Our body is constantly giving us cues that we often ignore if we are not taking the time to listen to it. It is not uncommon that I work with clients on sleep hygiene.  I have noticed that many of my co-adventurers go to bed and get up at different times every day.  If you have children you know from experience that RITUAL  is an essential component to having a fun vivacious kid around the next day.  We are not exempt.  Would your send your kid to school with little sleep and no breakfast in the morning?  And yet so many adults do just that.  RITUAL  allows us to create habits as well.  Exercising or meditating at different days and times does not allow time for deep cellular condtioning.  The habit is not able to develop and thus the self care regime falls in to the ethers.  Establishing a RITUAL  takes time.  Consider sketching out different RITUALS (through writing, drawing, collaging, etc) for you and trying them on.  EXPERIMENT.  See what works for you.  Goodbye routine and hello RITUAL.  Would love to hear about your personal RITUALS and what supports you.

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