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The “R” Word.

If you are a co-adventurer, one who thrives on being spontaneous and has the gift of going with the flow, you might cringe at the word ROUTINE.   If you are in this category you might squirm in your seat when faced with the dreaded word and what that might mean.  Free...

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Resentment is a Gift

We all have our internal emotional barometers.  Our emotions are our truth tellers.  However many of us are either disconnected from our emotional body or we prefer to ignore them because we don't want to hear the message.  They might be too scary, too painful or just...

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Themes often emerge in my coaching/counseling practice.  I don't consciously dictate the themes rather they surface organically.  An ongoing theme that is consistent within my practice and I believe is problematic for adults within our culture is the lost art of...

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