There are some people out there spreading negativity…spreading fear. And these are not just our TV evangelists. As Marianne Williamson says, fear blocks miracles.  I also believe that fear simply keeps the majority of us stuck. I do believe it is absolutely essential to be aware of the atrocities going on this this world, in our communities and in our neighborhoods.  Many people choose to turn a blind eye.  I suspect they go back to their television sets and eat highly processed foods out of fear.  We are inundated with so much information.

Who out of all of us is not feeling completely overwhelmed by all the suffering happening in this world? As this conscious movement spreads there are people who are out there hitting the pavement by lecturing and writing books in an attempt to shed light on everything from fracking to the poisoned foods we are ingesting to global warming. They go on and on about the pain, the difficulties, the struggles, how we are all screwed, that our kids won’t be able to enjoy the planet, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

I don’t know about you, but when I am exposed to these scenarios, I feel sick.  And then I feel blocked. Which can trigger my own shadow of pessimism leaving me with internal messages of, “why bother, we are all going down anyway.”

I often wonder if these so called individuals who are shedding light on these very concerning issues aren’t wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I suspect that they are just as much of the problem, if not more of the problem for keeping the atrocities alive and well.

Rarely does fear and guilt and shame move us in to action. Feeling empowered is what moves us in to action. A fine example is the women of India who united so deeply and powerfully recently after the horrific gang rape and death of a young woman. The movement then spread globally.  And now change is finally happening.  The issues of violence against women were addressed and yet they were not belabored.

I do not believe in sweeping issues under the carpet.  I believe in the power of addressing our issues, feeling them but then getting off the hamster wheel and moving in to action.  Be the change.  Make the change.

So if you want to help be part of healing the planet move away from fear.  Lecture for five to ten minutes (or write one chapter) on the injustices of what is happening and then spend the one or two hours empowering your audience and/or dedicating the rest of the book to sharing tools that can create positive changes.  If your audience leaves with your lecture in a place of fear you have done a terrible injustice to our planet.  And if you allow yourself to be exposed to fear based messages on a regular basis consider the consequences.  Do you stay stuck?  Do you feel negative? Experiment for a month.  Allow yourself to do a news fast, read empowering books (there are many!), surround yourself with positive people and see if you feel a difference.

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