Are You Sober Curious?

Do you have a deep desire to say YES to the internal whisperings that are gently (or not so gently) nudging you to live a life of sobriety? Are you sober curious but can’t quite imagine a life sans alcohol?

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You Don’t Need To Hit Rock Bottom to Stop Drinking

Many people believe they have to hit rock bottom or drink a bottle of wine a night to make a lifestyle change. Individuals who aren’t heavy drinkers but are concerned and/or are uncomfortable with their relationship with alcohol tend to fall through the cracks. They don’t see themselves in the rooms of AA or in the articles highlighting individuals who drink copious amounts of wine per night often referred to grey drinkers. However, they can’t imagine going against the cultural norm, breaking an almost lifelong habit or relax or socialize without alcohol. It is no easy task. Especially when it is so ingrained within so many cultures and steeped in ritual.

Alcohol-Free Living is Possible

As a life coach in this arena, I walk with individuals who set out to design a new way of living. One without alcohol. I offer the support needed when you go up against a culture that rebels..and will rebel against anyone who chooses not to drink. We examine your history, your first drink and we explore the “why’s.” I offer resources, tools, and techniques designed to support you on this new journey. And together we craft a new way of being in this world that embodies freedom.

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