This is a great article that highlights a man who went from living his life in accordance to how others (most notably parents) wanted him to live and the personal consequences to choosing a life of fulfillment (which looked entirely different!).  It is always amazing to read about, or in my case, witness people move into a fulfilling life when they start saying “YES!” to themselves.  It often looks very different from the life they had been living. This man started to use his body as a tool, a guiding post. Rather than ignoring his aches and pains, he finally decided to listen.

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It is not uncommon to meet with clients who are struggling with physical concerns, sometimes severe. As a coach, I encourage my clients to develop a relationship with their body and to move in to acknowledging the pain (messages) rather than ignore.  I believe all of our bodies are our inner consultant.  Always ready to offer essential information.  Saying “YES!” to yourself takes great courage.  However, when we finally start to say “YES” life becomes so much easier.  Because the “fight” against who we really are, what we are really meant to do is finally……….over.

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