In our household we are spending lots of time reading the Llama Llama series with our two year old.  In every story baby llama has a full blown temper tantrum.  Our daughter loves it and can certainly relate. Does that happen to you this time of year?  It reminds me of the time when years ago I felt that I hadn’t gotten the “right” present for my step-son’s girlfriend and decided to go to the mall Christmas eve only to be stuck in a traffic jam for hours!  I had quite the meltdown in the car screaming unpleasantries toward anyone who dared crossed my path physically or in my mind. The quiet unbelievably undemonstrative girlfriend barely looked at the gift I got her……..leaving me to be totally and utterly resentful of her.  Of course the relationship was ended shortly thereafter.  Here’s what I have learned years later……resentment is a gift from the Gods that tells us we are not taking care of ourselves either physically, emotionally, spiritually or all of the above. What would it take to create a drama free zone in your life throughout this holiday season?  Please share!

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