Happy Employee makes Productive Employee.

How many businesses have learned the hard way that an unhappy employee has the ability to negatively impact morale and prevent the business from reaching its full potential? This not only wastes a lot of money, it wastes precious time that could be spent increasing productivity, efficiency and ultimately success.

As our global economy expands, many businesses are sending employees and their families on temporary or permanent assignments oversees. These expatriates are often left to navigate an entirely new culture on their own with little to no support. Add children to the picture, a family system is overwhelmed with changes that will add inevitable stress to the employee, thus having the ability to negatively impact their overall job performance.

Why Offer Life Coaching for Employees who are Relocating?

By adding  life coaching services to your “Corporate Relocation” plan,  employees and their families, you will be able to reduce the amount of stress and expedite the time it will take these individuals to transition in to a new culture. With 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist, I can also work with individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, parenting concerns. etc. Although your employees (or their family members) might seek out a therapist or life coach in the new country they are residing, it takes time to break through cultural barriers and address the core issues. Moving to another country without connections can bring up unaddressed issues from the past that can be exacerbated oversees. Due to the blend I offer of life coaching and therapy, I can offer supportive strategies that address emotional concerns and at the same time support them in designing a life that is productive.

After a two hour discovery session, I meet with my clients once a week for 50 minute sessions via skype/phone. I also offer email/texting support in between sessions for clients who want to be held accountable or are in need of support. As we build a relationship, I become the touchstone each week, supporting them and becoming a familiar person in the midst of an unfamiliar world.

I believe that my clients are very successful and responsive to life coaching due to the homework assignments that we co-design each week. Because of the weekly appointments and email updates, they are held accountable to follow through on agreed upon assignments. And if they don’t follow through, we get curious and forward the action by tuning in to what they are learning about themselves along the way. Also, by not allowing blaming of others or self-blame, my clients start to understand the power of choice and start to make conscious decisions about their lives.


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