Allison Parr-Plasha knows the holidays can be stressful — and not just by way of personal experience.

“I hear this problem from clients all the time,” Parr-Plasha, 47, of Erie, said.

Allison Parr-Plasha, a life coach and therapist based out of Erie, works with people who are having a difficult time making a transition in their life or who are stuck in a rut and looking for help to take their next step.

For a lot of people, the holidays form that rut, but it’s one that’s not too difficult to get out of, she said.

“While the holidays create all of this anxiety, it’s a good time to just sit around and relax and do nothing for a little while,” Parr-Plasha said. “And that gives us some time for reflection looking into 2015.”

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