It is not an uncommon scenario to get “un-grounded” in the midst of travel or having an experience (or experiences) that interrupt the daily routine.  It can be easy to lose momentum and forgo helpful habits.  When traveling  or getting off a routine it can be easier to go for foods that are not energizing.  It can be easier to put a stop to meditating, exercising, writing, reading uplifting books, etc. etc. etc.  And for those who travel frequently or have created a life through work or home that offers up something very new each and everyday it can be difficult to establish a routine.

The consequences can feel similar to the pesky dog who is just walking in circles and not getting anywhere. Consider applying my “suitcase formula” to help you stay grounded despite your location.

For starters, create a daily routine or review your already existing routine. You may even want to throw out the word “routine” as this can be a negative buzz word for some. Perhaps use the phrase, “daily grounding techniques” or “my happiness formula.”

Next, go in to your attic, basement, closet or take a trip to TJ Maxx or Goodwill and get a hold of a small suitcase. This will literally and metaphorically symbolize the act of being grounded.  Choose a suitcase that you love, something you will be proud to carry with you on your travels, your trips to visit your parents/friends or have displayed in your home. This is not a suitcase for clothes. Rather this will be a place to store all of the things that help you stay grounded. For starters, pack your written routine (or whatever you choose to call it). Laminate it or put it in a notebook for easy access. And then pack the things that will either support you in your routine or remind you of the things that bring you to that place of fulfillment. For example, if you meditate you can include your cushion.  If you do yoga, a place for your mat.  Other ideas………a journal, a sketch pad, an exercise cd, an uplifting book, poetry, a gratitude journal etc. etc.  Also, mini symbols that will help you remember the very things that help you stay centered. A candle, a particular scent, healthy snacks. The list is endless and invites room for lots of creativity.

So the next time you board that plane, get into your car or are looking for direction, try the suitcase formula. Traveling might never be the same. I would love to hear what you might put in your suitcase!

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