These days of the holiday season can still be riddled with “to do lists,” saying “yes” to things that we really want to say “no” to, feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed by family and friends, etc. etc. All of these thing will definitely take you out of the present moment…..a place where “holiness” has the ability to live.  Whether you are a believer of Jesus or not, it’s difficult to deny that He was a powerful teacher and healer. After all, His name is still hanging around after all these years.

And there is certainly no denying that Jesus was a rebel.  Jesus, as an individual was not all caught up in thinking about what the neighbors thought.  He lived His truth.  He worked hard and rumor has it He often took off for long periods of time to meditate.

Whether we are atheist, agnostic, Jewish or espouse another religion, Jesus, like many other teachers taught a powerful formula. Live your truth. Don’t get caught up in what the “others” will think about you. And honor yourself by taking time to be alone, to create the sacred and allow everyday to be a “holy” day.  And to be honest, this means you being a rebel.  Because to do this in this day and age is to go against the grain.  Claiming the sacred, slowing day, taking a news fast and saying “yes to ourselves is now officially a rebellious act.

So go out and get wild!  Would love to hear how all of you define Holy?  What does that mean to you?  If you embodied “Holiness” who would you be “being?”

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