People often hire me because they are feeling stuck in some area of their life. To get back into motion is two-fold. Step number one is awareness. I might mention this in almost every article I write. We can’t make any changes until we are aware.

In life coaching, we use a tool called “the alive-o-meter.” It’s a personal assessment that measures our level of excitement/energy in everything we engage in our daily lives. A way to do this is to ask yourself, on a scale of 0 to 10, ten being that place of aliveness (high energy) and 0 being dull (no energy), where are you in life. You can download and print the Wheel of Life here to assess yourself.

When working with clients, I am constantly assessing for what I call the “ding” on their alive-o-meter scale. The “ding” is the ten. The ultimate high energy place. And it is different for everyone. We know we are in that place of “ding” when we feel we are engaged in something that we find to be super exciting, like an incredible meal, a piece of music or a conversation. When we witness someone in that high “ding” place, it is infectious. We can’t help but smile. The energy is high. We can all feel it. And then there is the lack of “ding.” The ultimate lack of “ding’ is the 0 on the alive-o-meter scale. It could be the boring meeting, the person you are stuck next to at a dinner party, the date you had last night, the meal you just ate or the performance that didn’t land well. You might hear someone say “I just wasn’t feeling it.”

So today I want you to start tuning in to your own place on the alive-o-meter with everything you do. On a scale of 0 to 10, rate yourself. You can get as detailed as you want. How would you rate your morning routine? The breakfast you just ate? Your workout, clients, boss, current relationship with your significant other, interactions with your children, the outfit you are wearing today, job, bank account, etc. etc? The list is endless.

And now the hard part……..for now. Don’t make any changes yet. I just want you to collect information. To be in this new level of awareness. Get curious. Are you surprised by your new awareness? Do you want to hurry up and change? Are you really being honest with your ratings? Are you trying to minimize or talk yourself out of your current ratings? Stay tuned and I will offer you step number two to help you move out of your stuck zone.

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