Now that you have a sense of your “ding” or lack thereof (awareness), it’s time to EXPERIMENT.  To bring that doorbell into fruition and get “that dong” happening.  It’s time to “change it up!”

Look at your low numbers on the alive-o-meter.  Clearly what you are doing isn’t working.  Again, we gravitate towards the familiar, even if it is dull and unfulfilling.  But a low number on the alive-o-meter indicates low energy and low energy indicates you are going in the wrong direction.  Our energy is our truth teller. It doesn’t lie.  And if you listen to it deeply, you can use it as a guiding post.  You know that you are on the right path when you are in that place of “ding.”

So how do we find our “ding?”  We experiment, again and again and…….again.  Until we hit our high energy place.  The more experimenting you do, the faster you will connect with your “ding.” Some of your experiments will fail.  They might be messy, boring, embarrassing and expensive.  However we can’t find out what we want until we weed out what we don’t want.  So “failed” experiments are actually very important as they give us valuable information that will move us closer to that sweet spot.  Some experiments might be short lived while others might be more time consuming.  The key is to put an end to the experiment when all the signs are there saying, “I don’t like this, I can’t stand this, this is over the top boring for me or simply………this is so not me!”  I often watch people attempt to stay in experiments way to long, robbing them of other experiments that could be incredibly successful.

So where to begin?  Start with small experiments.  If we make an experiment too big we have a tendency not to do it.  For example, if we gave ourselves a low number in our physical environment realm and decide we want to fulfill a long lost dream of moving to another country, we tend to get overwhelmed and then become deflated and defeated.  However if you start out with a small experiment, like spending a half hour a day for the next month researching different countries and tuning in your alive-o-meter we start to build momentum.  Research could lead to a planned trip to a country that you think could be that “ding.”  And then we go to the country, say India, and we have a fabulous time but we learn that it is amazing to visit, but not to live.  Or we experience flow and we meet the right person who offers us the right job and we decide that moving to India is definitely “it.”

Other small experiments could be trying a new recipe, a new dish, a new haircut, a new way of eating, a new exercise routine, moving your furniture around, chossing a new route to work, taking a class, calling an old friend.  The list is endless.  The key is “new.”  The key is changing it up.  These experiments may sound simple, but they are actually profound.  They are lubricating those rusty old wheels.  And experiments build off of one another.  Each one becomes a little more daring which helps build confidence.  So eventually you have the courage to write that book, quit that job or make that move.

I would LOVE to hear about past and present experiments….successes and failures.   Inspiration is infectious.  Your experiments might just inspire someone to jump off that diving board and make a change.  DING DONG.

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