True fulfillment comes from allowing ourselves to show up authentically in every area of our life.  It’s easy to embrace our socially acceptable characteristics and show them off with pride. It’s another thing to admit to the not so fun part ourselves.  The part that is afraid, mean, sarcastic, jealous, etc. etc.  Many of us are so ashamed of these “shadowy” characteristics that we keep them chained and locked in our personal secret passageways.

If we don’t pull out our skeletons and really spend some time with them, getting curious about them dusting them off and even polishing them, we are not living an authentic life.  Authenticity is the key to living a life of deep joy and meaning.

True healing comes from stating what “is” out loud and having a supportive nonjudgmental witness by your side.  I am here to offer you an oasis.  A safe space to explore, “try on” and play with “has beens” and “what if’s.”

I want to see ALL OF YOU (which is why I see my clients every week).  I want to see your joy, triumphs, sorrows, pissy moods and even  your deepest darkest warts.  All of you is beautiful.  By allowing all of you to show up, you are guaranteed to move in the direction of true fulfillment.

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