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AdventureWomen Ambassador

I am so proud to be a part of the AdventureWomen® travel company as an ambassador. Where we empower each other to build new connections and discover ourselves through traveling the world. Become more confident, build friendships and trust during your destination around the world.

About the AdventureWomen

AdventureWomen® was founded in 1982 and raised more than a few skeptical eyebrows. The idea of adventure travel for women going to exotic destinations on vacations designed especially for women, by women, was very novel. Happily, times have changed! The travel industry has evolved. Thousands of women from ages 35-65 pack their bags annually to go on adventure travel trips for women in exotic, worldwide, destinations.

Check out the video below to hear what Mary has to say about her experience on her 6th trip with AdventureWomen.

Upcoming Destinations in 2018

Morocco: Sahara Sands, Markets, & Mediterranean Feasts

Mongolia: Nomads, Eagle Hunters, & the Land of Genghis Khan

Scotland: Hiking Scottish Highlands & the Coast

Indonesia: Culture, Beaches, Orangutans, & Dragons

Chile: Biking, Fine Wines, & Easter Island

Japan: Cherry Blossom Hikes to Shrines & Temples

Colombia: Cuisine, Whitewater, & Antiquities

Iceland: The Land of Fire & Ice on Horseback

Pacific Northwest: Redwoods, River Rafting, & Crater Lake

Madagascar: Artisans, Baobabs, & Lemurs

“These amazing adventures will change your life!! You will have FUN in exotic, wild remote places of the world with a group of fantastic females!! Enjoy this beautiful planet while learning and growing”

~ AdventureWoman

“Thank you again for these wonderful trips you offer. I just wish that every woman could be fortunate enough to experience what I have. [I feel] so humble and grateful and blessed…”

~ AdventureWoman

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