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Difference Between Life Coaching & Therapy

Life coaching is an ongoing relationship, which focuses on taking action toward the realization of your visions, goals, or desires. The coaching process helps you both define and achieve professional and personal goals faster and with more ease than if you were attempting to embrace change on your own. In life coaching, one does not spend a lot of time talking about the past rather the focus is on present moment awareness and moving towards a life you desire.

Psychotherapy is designed to help you when you are in distress. It is the treatment of a mental or emotional disorder or of related bodily ills by psychological means The role of the therapist is to offer specific intervention techniques and educational tools to help you with presenting concerns. Exploring your personal history plays a significant role in helping you bridge past issues to present day distress.

Benefits of a Blend

I offer a unique blend of Life Coaching and therapy. As a result, I am able to address your whole self and I don’t need to refer you to another counselor should you bump up against a historical issue or struggle with issues related to depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, ADHD/ADD, etc. Whether you are an expat feeling like you are in between two worlds, an entrepreneur or leader looking for a sounding board, or someone desiring support through transitions, the blend I offer has the ability to propel you into a life that has meaning and resonance.

Many people have a sense of what they want (or some clues) but when they start to cross their personal bridge toward a more meaningful life they have a tendency to stop midway and regress back to behaviors and choices that keep them stuck. We gravitate towards what’s familiar, even if it is unfulfilling. My role is to support you as you cross the bridge and keep the momentum going so that you can reach the other side. I am your cheerleader, the one who kindly nudges you to keep on going, the teacher who guides you to shift your thinking from “I can’t” to “I can.” I am the one who reminds you that you always have a choice, even though it isn’t always appetizing. I am the person who guides you to connect deeply with your own inner wise self and introduce you to tools to get there.

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How does Life Coaching Work?

My initial two-hour strategy session takes place either in person, over the phone or on Skype. During this session, I introduce tools that are designed to heighten awareness around core values, assess current levels of satisfaction in every area of your life and establish the primary focus for coaching. My sessions are once a week for fifty minutes. For local clients, I am available to meet with you in person at my Erie office location. You are encouraged to make at least a three-month commitment to the coaching process as change takes time.

Are you facing a big change in life, relocating for a job, starting college, just feeling like you have no direction? Coaching could be a perfect match for you! Read more about my approach to see if life coaching is for you.

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