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Estrangement carries words like isolation, disconnection, dirty, and shame with it. It is a message that says you are not enough, there is something intrinsically wrong with you and the act of estrangement is the ultimate act of shaming. There is no resolution or happy ending. One or both parties have chosen to give up. Estrangement impacts family, work environments, cultures. Everything we do has impact and the impact of estrangement is splitting.

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8 Benefits from 8 Months of Living Alcohol-Free

Up until 8 months ago, I could not fathom the idea of passing on a beautiful cocktail. The idea of living alcohol-free felt incomprehensible! It was exactly that thought pattern that got me to stop in my tracks and come to the conclusion that maybe I did have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol after all. 8 months later, the benefits are amazing!

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